The Texas A&M Law Student Bar Association (SBA) recently hosted a very successful “Spring Break Stay-Cation” for the law school’s week-long spring break. SBA is the law school’s student body government, comprised of five representatives per class year, an ABA representative, vice president and president. SBA serves the student body by encouraging academic excellence, supporting professional and personal growth and working with administration, faculty, and the community at large to advocate for student needs.

The Spring Break Stay-Cation was a week-long student challenge crafted by the 2020-2021 SBA Board. The Spring Break Stay-Cation encouraged students to skip the travel this year, and instead participate in socially distanced activities in the Fort Worth community. This event was created in order to address COVID-19 related concerns with Spring Break travel. In an attempt to limit student travel, SBA created a challenge with various activities in the Fort Worth community and at home. Students who completed the full week of activities were given a gift bag for their commitment.

Spring Break Stay-Cation 2021-1The full Spring Break Stay-Cation all law students were encouraged to participate in.

A significant number of law students participated in the Spring Break Stay-Cation. SBA hopes that by encouraging students to avoid travel outside of their community, Texas A&M Law School will be able preserve the health and safety of the campus as the school semester concludes.


Photo: Reba Martin, 1L, completed the Spring Break Stay-Cation by walking her dogs, doing some spring cleaning, visiting the Fort Worth Zoo, watching something that makes her laugh, ordering in dinner, and practicing gratitude.


Photo: Elizabeth De Leon, 3L, participated in the Spring Break Stay-Cation by taking a socially distanced tripped to the Fort Worth Museum of Modern Art, among other activities.


Photo: Stacy Slaughter, 1L, completed the Spring Break Stay-Cation by doing some gardening at her home, among other activities.